“The question about how to ‘understand’ her now clarifies itself, as the wrong question…perhaps interstand is what we do, to engage with the work, to mix with it in an active engagement, rather than ‘figuring it out.’ Figure it in.”

–Judy Grahn (in Open Mind, 10/8)

To interstand, we must be in relationship with what is happening (Diane Mariechild). After my realization in the woods this weekend about my thesis, I also remembered that December represents the anniversary of my decision to embark on my year long woods experiment. So, it seems like the perfect time to do a wrap-up month of daily posts—kind of a conclusion month as I both finish out the year and prepare my thesis. I did this in March and it was an extremely powerful experience in deepening my practice. I’ve been wanting to do another month of daily posts for a while now, but keep letting other things get in the way. Now feels like the right time though 🙂 Of course, the day is almost over and this is all I’ve managed, but that is part of the practice: doing it anyway.

I took a couple of pictures of little treasures in the woods this afternoon and also a better one of the tree I wrote about yesterday:

As I spent time today catching up with Open Mind, a book of daily meditations that I’ve loved reading this year, I found this delightful quote:

“It is now time for all women of the colorful mind, who are aware of the cycles of night and day and the dance of the moon in her tides, to arise.” –Dhyani Ywahoo (in Open Mind, 11/22)

And, it reminded me of one of my favorite new pendant designs:

(This one isn’t yet listed on etsy. If you’d like me to set up a reserved listed for you for her, let me know :))

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3 thoughts on “Interstanding

  1. Tony/Terra

    I am looking for the above pendant. I got on etsy but could not find her, how do I do that?
    How do I find your art?
    I have enjoyed your writings. I am new (a few years) to the GODDESS spirit, but not the idea.
    I believe and feel the universe is Feminine. I try everyday to do something in the realm of the feminine.
    I feel that men need also to find his inter GODDESS, we need to adopt the ways of the Feminine. We need to get involved in the Feminine including wearing of your clothes and routines.
    I would love to go to a women’s retreat. Can’t do that. How are men suppoesd to get re-leaned if we cannot take part in the women’s world. If we are to change we need access to all things Feminine/female. WE need to experience your world.

    • Thanks for commenting! The pendant above is not yet listed on etsy–if you’d like to buy her, let me know and I can set up a reserved listing for her in our etsy shop (

      I am considering your questions–one of my goals for the coming year is to create some rituals and ceremonies that include men and women. I have a husband and two sons–while we do family rituals together, we are seeking ways for them to be involved in larger group rituals as well. I work a lot with women and have for many years and I know that there is something magical that happens in female-only space. How to bring that magic out and share it with everyone is my question? My husband and I are talking about developing a “sacred craft” retreat for all genders that reaches out to touch the numinous Goddess and connection to the Earth…hopefully we will develop this idea more fully in 2014 🙂

      • Tony/Terra

        I wonder if the magical connection with an all men’s group is ever considered by women? There is no place for men to get together without women. I was a firefighter for 34 years and before I left there were women on the dept. The one last place that only men connected. I feel that women only groups with the so called magical connection is bogus to say the least. I feel that we seperate the genders and will never ajoin us until there is a total equality. We must let men into the women’s world for us to gain any ideas what your world is like. Until this happens we will keep seperate. Unless this is what both worlds want? I am kept in a box and treated as I am the same as all men. I am not! And not all men think the same. If we truely wanted equality we can get there. We need the same right to be who we are. Accepted for who each one of us are.
        I nurture my feminine and enjoy this in me. There is a large bigotry and sexist actions here.
        I do not like being kept in a box and only experiencing a small part of this world. I want to be able to go into both worlds as I see fit to. I have talked a lot with other females and they tell me this magiacal is bogus. To feel threaten by men, I do not think so. You don’t think I have scares from women? I put my head up everyday above those scares. Women are tough, strong and smart. I do not think most women feel threaten by men, In fact I think it is quit the opposite.
        As I learn more and more, there are plenty of books out there and I got a lot of them. I am myself putting together a way of ritual(s) by means that women and men can be a part of both our worlds and benifit from this. With respect for each other. Mother Earth will not keep going without us all fully together with her in mind. We need everyone involved with making all the changes we nned to make to make Mother Earth well again.

        How much is the pendent? I am interested but do not understand what you mean by setting up a reserve. Let me know the price. And how long/size she is. Thanks!

        I do not want to sound rough around the edges, but I realy do believe we are keeping women and men apart. I also believe and feel the GODDESS is calling me to this. I feel She does not like the seperation. For us to work together we need to come together and allow men in all aspects of the Feminine. Including wearing your clothes and doing things feminine. Fighting for this we can reverse the world view of women. (and men also) We have a wonderful opportunity now, with support gaining for same sex marriages and arrangments. Gay/lesbian is becoming more accepted. We can now use this momentum to bring in the gender roles. Changing the view on gender and what each sex is supposed to act. Women changed the view in the 60’s and 70’s and this can be done now for men.

        I am glad to see you are working toward getting both genders in ritual. I do not think that is enough. We need to fight for men’s rights to be involved in the feminine to the point of any man wating to be like a female he can. Same as a women now days. Just look at all the things women can do that once was men only!

        thanks Tony/Terra

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