Woodspriestess: Animated Stardust

20131229-005447.jpgWhere did I come from?
When did the I become aware?
How did I come into being?
Where am I going?
What is my purpose?

These are the timeless questions
of a thinking animal
animated stardust
hopeful spirit.

The stuff of life of is transformation
everything we see passes away
to the next moment
a constant, unending flow
of dissolving experience
energy and time.

And yet, part of one pattern
part of one weaving
part of a beautiful whole
that cradles the world
in infinite space.

I actually wrote this in September, but never finished getting it ready. It seems fitting to share today, after so many more moments have dissolved away into infinite space since the time during which I originally transcribed this poem. The picture, however, was taken today…not in my usual woods, but in the little woven fort my kids are working on next to the labyrinth at my mom’s house.

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