Womanrunes: The Winged Circle

Womanrunes: The Winged Circle. Rune of Freedom. Liberation. Revolution. October 2013 017

You who carry wholeness within you, spread your wings. It is time to fly. What are you shaking loose? What are you expanding beyond? What are you rising above? Stretch those wings. Feel the quiver of energy pass through them. Feel your feathers drying in the sunlight. Spreading. Opening. Dreaming. Becoming. Lift them up. Test the air. Taste the sweetness of liberation. Take a running start, see the abyss yawning before you, and soar. Soar beyond that which you thought was possible, beyond your capabilities. Soar, knowing that you are carried on a great wind across the sky. While the planet spins, the galaxy swirls, and stars are birthed, you are there, flying on the wings of change and inspiration.

This is a rune of opening. Open opportunity, open possibility. Throw up the shade, draw back the curtains, take down the bars, turn the key, feel the lock click open, and take a running leap.

Liberation. Revolution. Shake off that which you no longer need, and fly.  Fly free, stand tall, walk true. Revolution keeps a steady tempo with your heartsong and the color of your wings.

Update: this project evolved into a real book!

The first post in my Womanrunes series is available here and all others here. The runes and the names of them come from Shekhinah Mountainwater’s Womanrunes system for which there are no written interpretations available other than the names and one word meanings. I’m engaging in a practice of drawing one and then going down to the woods with it to see what it “tells” me–basically, creating what I wish I had, which is a more developed interpretation of the meaning of each womanrunestone.

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