Woodspriestess: Spring Snow

March 2013 026

The planet is an unimaginably intricate ecosystem

of interdependent majesty

and fundamental holiness

like a snow blanketed spring day…

One of the primary benefits of this daily practice is the opportunity to mindfully observe the daily changes occurring in the “same” place. It is amazing to me how I have yet to run out of opportunities to make a new observation, notice something different, or to take a new picture, even though I’m visiting the same patch of ground every. single. day. Today, the most noticeable event was last night’s snowfall. It is interesting that it took passing the first day of spring for us finally to have enough snow to build a snowman this year!

March 2013 018

March 2013 028

Cold trees

During last summer’s drought, I vowed never to complain about rain again. In my own worries about climate change, I also vowed not to complain about snow. It makes me happy to see it, even when it is a pain, because we’re supposed to have snow. No snow, while easier to drive in, feels worrisome and wrong.

However, it also feels weird that just the other day I was watching the insects buzz around the budding maples and my kids were wearing shorts, and then today I took several pictures of fallen buds (and, I noticed the rock has an “8” on it)…

March 2013 027

I became mildly obsessed with taking pictures of the fallen little buds of spring that I’d noticed and photographed last week.

March 2013 021 March 2013 029 March 2013 030

Birds sing
snow falls
Earth turns towards spring
and then reverses
cold surprise
quiet white morning

This place is an ever-changing miracle
of life and creation…

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