Woodspriestess: Practice

“My political activism grew out of my spiritual understandings of the earth as the living Mother, because the Goddess is injured wherever there is injustice, wanton cruelty, poverty, and pollution.”

–Monica Sjoo


I’m still in a bit of a mental funk. Feeling discouraged and down and despairing about the nature of humankind and wondering what I can really do to make any kind of difference. Also, my kids are being difficult lately and I keep thinking, oh. my. word. If I can’t create peace in my own home, how am I supposed to change the world?!

The ground is still snowy and slushy and it was cold in the woods today. I didn’t stay long. And, I didn’t have any particularly fabulous insights or inspiration and found myself thinking…on only day two…why did I think I could do this writing every day thing? Then, I started looking around more clearly and I noticed, robins! Lots of them. I was only in the woods for about five minutes and I saw at least eight robins flying from branch to branch. I didn’t get a picture of any of them, but this means spring is on the way.

And, as I turned to go back inside I had the sudden thought that this is my practice. This is it. It doesn’t matter what does or doesn’t happen, it matters that I’m doing it.


20130302-155848.jpgRegime change begins at home…

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