Breathe peace

January 2013 028Open your heart to the world
open your hands to your sisters
open your life to your children
open your spirit to the Goddess

spread your arms
open your chest
lift your face to the sky

breathe deep
breathe peace

Each year, during the first week of February, I take a “computer-off retreat” (within the parameters of having a job that requires being online). That time is now and I’m so looking forward to a digital rest. I also treated myself to a Breathe Peace online class (ah, the irony, since I’m having a computer off retreat! Luckily, the online class lasts throughout the month of February, so I can take my break and still come back to it!) I also have a new book called The Magickal Retreat: Making Time for Solitude, Intention & Rejuvenation and I’m toying with the idea of doing an outdoor, all night “vigil” of sorts (maybe as a family).

(Amazon affiliate link included)

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