Guest posts!

I haven’t had a chance to post here very often this month, but I do have several guest posts finding homes in other parts of the internet!

My guest post Blessingways and the role of ritual appeared on Pagan Families’ new home on Patheos this month. And, my other guest post for Pagan Families, Guardian of the Womb, has also been transferred to their new home on the web.

I’m looking forward to an online Winter Solstice ritual tomorrow night at Global Goddess and I’m pleased that my piece, Goddess Wheel of the Year: Winter Solstice Ritual, was just published in the Solstice edition of the online magazine The Oracle. I had to laugh a little because I got the issue via email and thought, “oh! I have to check out the ritual article, because it might have something I can use for our family ritual this Friday!” and then I looked and it was MY article. Oh well!


Solstice spiral from last year’s family solstice ritual

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