Our Mother Prayer, version 3

Crescent moon over our field a couple of weeks ago.

Our Mother who art within us,
Each breath brings us to you.
Thy wisdom come,
Thy will be done,
as we honor your presence within us.
You give us this day all that we need.
Your bounty calls us to give and receive
all that is loving and pleasurable.
You are the courage that moves us to be true to ourselves
and we act with grace and power.
We relax into your cycles of birth,
growth, death and renewal.
Out of the womb, the darkness, the void, comes new life.
For you are the Mother of All Things.
Your body is the Sacred Earth and our bodies.
Your love nurtures us and unites us all.
Now and forever more.

“Our Mother” by Dale Allen

Via The Girl God

Two other versions previously posted:

Our Mother Prayer, Version 2
Our Mother Prayer
I actually use a slightly modified version of these two each morning before I get up, as a way to start my day in a “tuned in” frame of mind, rather than a frantic or stressed one. Now, I want to try to memorize this new version also, which is longer and a little more complicated!

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One thought on “Our Mother Prayer, version 3

  1. This is Beautiful!!!!

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