Mealtime Prayer

I send prayers of gratitude to all

that has given of itself on this day.

The strong beans, and the hardy grains,

the beautiful leafy green plants and the sweet juicy fruits.

I thank the sun that warmed and vitalized them,

just as it does me,

and the earth that held and nourished them, as it does me,

and the waters that bathed and refreshed them, as they do for me.

I thank the fire that transformed them,

just as I wish to be transformed by the fires of Spirit.

I thank the hands that grew and prepared this food,

just as I thank all those that have touched me in so many ways.

–Sedonia Cahill in Life Prayers

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2 thoughts on “Mealtime Prayer

  1. So lovely. I may have to pick up that book … so many beautiful prayers to treasure!

    • It is a very good one! I read a little bit each morning at my altar space as kind of a daily meditation until I finally finished the book. Now, I’m going back through it and posting my favorites!

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