Sun-Oriented Naturalist Invocation

Across the field at sunset in July.

Across the field at sunset in July.

East: In the East we call upon the power of the Rising Sun, the yellow light of morning. Here we ask for new beginnings and we commit to renewing ourselves.

South: In the South, we call upon the power of the Sun at High Noon, the bright, orange light that warms the day. Here we ask for strength to be with us, and we commit to using our strength for the good of the community.

West: In the West, we call upon the power of the Setting Sun, the deep red light that calms the mind at the end of the day. Here we ask for a sense of satisfaction, and we pledge to take care of ourselves.

North: In the North we call upon the power of the Moon in the Night Sky, the silvery Moon who permits us to rest. Here we ask for the vision of dreams, and we agree to meet our ancestors in that place.

–Luisah Teish in Jump Up

I am particularly attracted to invocations that use naturalist-based language and that appeal to a wide variety of personal beliefs, while still striking the chord of the sacred within us all. I’m preparing two moon rituals for an assignment and I think I’m going to rework the above into a Moon-oriented invocation…

Another idea from Teish’s book, unrelated to the above, is for an egg wish giveaway for a spring ritual. Children (or others) stir up wildflower seeds while sharing their blessings and wishes for people for the year. Encourage them to create a song, chant, or poem while they bless the seeds. They then fill up plastic eggs with seeds and give these to relatives and friends as a “blessing from future generations.” Nice idea for an equinox ritual!

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