Getting Started…

Recently I was asked by a friend where to get started learning about the Goddess. And, of course I had recommendations! To start, you might be interested in Carol Christ’s classic essay, Why Women Need the Goddess.

Good books to look into are:

  • When God was a Woman by Merlin Stone
  • Rebirth of the Goddess by Carol Christ
  • Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd.

Also, check out Karen Tate’s amazing radio show Voices of the Sacred Feminine.

Sage Woman magazine is a great publication.

I enjoy this blog about feminism and religion too (lots of varied writers, including Carol Christ who I recommend above, and also me!).

There is some good historical and basic information here from Temple of the Goddess.

If you google for more resources, I suggest looking up things like “women’s spirituality” and “thealogy” (with an “a”) and “goddess spirituality.” Otherwise, you end up with stuff that is focused more on paganism and Wicca, which are not the same thing. I spent some time looking into pagan/wiccan resources and finding that there was something big missing for me in those traditions. It wasn’t until I started looking into “women’s spirituality” that I discovered that there is a whole other area of study, focused on the Goddess, that IS a great match for me. I finally made the connection when I trained as a Cakes for the Queen of Heaven facilitator (Cakes is a religious education curriculum originally published by the UU church and now offered by the UU Women and Religion organization. It is a great introduction to thealogy and to women’s spirituality).


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