Day 13: Shimmering Solstice Silence (#30daysofyule)

We lit the fourth candle on our Yule log tonight.* I am finding it difficult to feel very festive because we’ve got a stomach bug moving through our house. So far it has missed me and I’m worried about succumbing tomorrow in the midst of all of the solstice plans we’ve made for our family ceremony tomorrow!

I read the kids The Shortest Night at bedtime and then stayed up with my little girl to do a Solstice Tree divination layout I just read about  in the book I just referenced earlier today, Yule, by Susan Pesznecker. Nice, shimmering solstice silence at last!

In this layout, the trunk is you (or the person being read for). The lower left = your ideas. Middle =  inspiration. Lower right = plans. Upper left = process. Upper right = obstacle. Top of the tree = the realization of your plans. The gift. 

Rooted in power, I draw from laughter to embrace the Mystery and to guide initiation. I strive for connection, am challenged by passion, and emerge into ecstatic bliss and freedom. 

(*I wrote this post on Dec. 20th and scheduled it to post, but apparently it never did!)

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