Prayers made of grass (#30DaysofMay)

IMG_5181One of the most magical aspects of the 30 Days courses is the synchronicities that emerge. Yesterday,  had a really bad headache. I wanted to do some art journaling, but I simply couldn’t focus my thoughts, energy, or attention. What I did do was copy down a quote from Mary Oliver (top left image above). I tried to tie the quote into my post for yesterday, but couldn’t quite make it fit. I put the picture into my post several times and then deleted it. I wanted to share it, but it didn’t “work” with that day’s theme. Anyway, I opened the lesson for today and there it was! The whole poem from Mary containing the quote I copied yesterday, leaping off the page at me again. How neat is that?!️

I spent a long time today composing photos in the woods for my Womanrunes Immersion ecourse and had a beautiful time of solitude and creativity doing so. First, I wasn’t sure what photos to take, but then I heard: Trust the process. Let the cards speak for themselves. And, they did. Can’t wait to share more pictures!

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