May Morning (#30DaysofMay)

Happy May Day! Apparently, I’m not going to give up on my post-a-day commitment even while on vacation! While I’m enjoying our trip, the city atmosphere is really difficult for me energetically. I don’t feel like myself here. I read today’s prompt and was thinking about how disconnected I feel from my spiritual grounding while surrounded by the city noise and environment. I really wanted to take a picture of a dewy flower and instead have a hotel room view of the interstate and industrial hotel heating/cooling equipment! So, I re-focused on what is actually here in front of me and that was my baby peeking out the sunny window and being delighted by the difference between closed and open curtains. He played and played, seeming surprised anew and blinking rapidly in the brightness each time he opened the curtain. Like peekaboo with the sun. 

I drew a Womanrunes card then and wasn’t surprised when it was The Tree:

These cards know me well!

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