“We all share a deep vulnerability. Everything changes. Wisdom is the ultimate protection because it helps us face life as it really is. Concentration doesn’t lead to wisdom, it makes exploration possible. Concentration builds the strength and courage needed for deep exploration.” –Michele McDonald (Open Mind, 12/10)

Please forgive yet another post based on this same Open Mind book. Since the year is almost over, I’m finishing it up (it is a daily reader of meditations) and so it is right here and handy by my computer. It is highly worth the read! I read so much and so rapidly that I appreciate the opportunity to work slowly through a book over the course of a year like this.

I woke up this morning with an image in my mind of drawing a card from my Goddess Inspiration Oracle deck. Even though I was running short on time (shorter than I knew due to unexpected still nearly impassable snowy road conditions that needed to be braved on my way to town), I decided to draw one and run to the woods with it. Interestingly, I drew Saci, which was about strength:

December 2013 005Saci is a Hindu goddess associated with physical strength, leadership, and observation. The message on the card is: take steps to develop your physical strength.

Divine Power.

Later at the skating rink with my kids and our friends, I talked briefly with one friend about her recent experience with a vision/message and I thought as I was driving home about following through on those hunches and inspirations and what we can learn from them. I don’t know that I specifically learned anything from this strength card itself, but it did make me think about how little attention I pay to my physical strength as a feature of myself. I just posted on Facebook about “knowing that I’m strong,” but that was in relationship to stamina for grading papers, not literally…

There are a lot of types of strength—physical, emotional, vulnerable. It can be strong to ask for help, to know when to stop, when to fold, when to keep going, when to try again, when to surrender.

You can do a free reading from this deck online here. And, you can also download an app version of it for your iphone. 🙂

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