Womanrunes: The Great Wheel

Womanrunes: The Great Wheel. Rune of Infinity. Completion. Wholeness. Universality. May 2013 052

Circularity. Wholeness. That which you seek can be found within you. And, also by reaching out to those around you. Spaces, people, opportunities, deeds. It is right there, you need only look at it. Round, curving destiny. Rough carved shape of being. Patterns hewn in places and people, speaking the language of community. You have what you need. You are what you seek. Your place is here, in the infinite spiral of life.

Originally recorded on May 4, 2013.

Update: this project evolved into a real book!

The first post in my Womanrunes series is available here. The runes and the names of them come from Shekhinah Mountainwater’s Womanrunes system for which there are no written interpretations available other than the name and one word meanings. I’m engaging in a semi-daily practice of drawing one and then going down to the woods with it to see what it “tells” me–basically, creating what I wish I had, which is a more developed interpretation of the meaning of each womanrunestone.

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