Seapriestess: Beach Poetry

Before we left on our trip, I envisioned spending some quality nature time sitting on the beach and composing delightful beach poetry. Turns out that I’m not really a “seapriestess” and should probably stick with the woods! I told my family this morning about my fond imaginings and then spontaneously “wrote” the following series of mini-poems based on what it has really been like to be at the beach on vacation 😉

Oh, Cupcake Wine IMG_7765
Why you not tasty?

Tiny owl
In bowl of water
Enough for breakfast

Moonstone, oh moonstone
I wish to find you
You sparkle
In my heart

McClintock’s IMG_7774
House of onion rings
And diarrhea

Diving in
to steal her popcorn
You’re like monsters!

Time to sort rocks
Cast off the non-shiny
Previously gathered
In a fit of mistaken beauty.

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One thought on “Seapriestess: Beach Poetry

  1. Hi Molly —

    I know that last poem intimately. Could put shells in there as well. Hope it was a great vacation.

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