We who bleed February 2013 014
we who pour libation to the earth each moon,
weave toward the sea.
These are the priestesses who carry me.
Each moon, each woman
nourishes this soil that suckles us.
We the bloodrich, we the generous.

–Sue Silvermarie in Open Mind

This quote is from a thought-a-day, women’s inspiration book by Diane Mariechild. In the section opened by this quote, Mariechild goes on to talk about the power of a monthly women’s circle as well as suggesting that each woman find, “some gesture that reminds us of the power of the bleeding time and begin to incorporate it into our lives.” She gives the example of placing a red flower on your desk or altar during this time. For myself, I like to wear something red. I also have two pendants that I wear during moontime (sometimes together, sometimes one or the other).

February 2013 027

“Honouring our menstrual cycle reminds us how sacred we are.” -Jane Hardwicke Collings in Becoming A Woman

“Childbearing is a form of power, one of the greatest powers in the world, and menstruation is a sign of that power.” -Valerie Tarico

I recently wrote more about moontime for the Pagan Families blog as well!

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2 thoughts on “Bloodrich

  1. So what does the book reccomend for those of us who are Menapausal??

    • You’re holding your wise blood within, so wearing a red cord/girdle around the waist indicates your “status” as a bloodkeeper, wise woman 🙂

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