Circle Closing

Open up the circle of healing and trust.
To the South, innocence and joy,
To the East, new beginnings,
To the North, cool winds of reason,
To the West, nighttime for dreaming,
Up above, the source of light, the Sky,
Beneath our feet, the womb of life, Mother Earth,
Open up the circle of healing and trust.

(modified version of a closing found here)

A good source for ritual chants is this site.

I’m in the process of planning a New Year’s Eve ritual right now and working hard to find readings and songs that will work well with a multi-age, mixed gender group (my first ritual of the sort–I’m nervous!)

December 2012 108

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2 thoughts on “Circle Closing

  1. I read your postings… You will do fine. Just let Deity speak through you. New Year Blessings!!

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