Paying attention…

One of my favorite verses in my life with children and as a conscious observer of the rhythms and flow of life is:

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it. -Mary Oliver

These experiences remind me of a quote about the need for, or role of, “theapoetics”: “[Stanley Hopper] recommends we replace theology, the rationalistic interpretation of belief, with theopoetics, finding God[dess] through poetry and fiction, which neither wither before modern science nor conflict with the complexity of what we know now to be the self” (in Original Self by Thomas Moore).

I also have a favorite passage from Susan Griffin about the earth in which she exclaims, “We are stunned by this beauty.” That is exactly how I feel. This relationship to the planet is what used to make me feel that a conception of deity was unnecessary—isn’t it enough to just marvel at what is, right here in front of us? The majesty and the miracle of the natural world. I am stunned by this beauty. I am stunned by the realization that we are all suspended in space, spinning timelessly through the universe on this beautiful planet, so small in the vastness of all that surrounds us, and yet so big that it is literally our whole world. Sometimes when I have a bad day or feel overwhelmed by the swirl of daily tasks I remember that old saying about, “sometimes I go about pitying myself when all the while I am being carried by a great wind across the sky.” If we really stopped to think about this—to sense how we are carried by the great wind, I think the whole world would change, how people relate to each other and to the environment would be transformed. Stop, look, listen, breathe, and feel how we spin. Together.


Mullein by the back porch

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5 thoughts on “Theapoetics

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  2. Great last thought… “Stop, look, listen, breathe, and feel how we spin. Together.”

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